I build efficient and scalable digital products using React and Ruby on Rails

About Me

I Started to learn code at 10, graduated from an engineering school in Electronic and Telecommunication. I spent 15 years working in the high tech industry as Product Manager, Business developer & Business Unit Manager.
I Learned again to code at Le Wagon and I am now working as a Fullstack Freelance developer remotely from the wine valley in Bordeaux.
I am a problem solver, quick learner and customer oriented.


I build efficient and scalable solutions with Ruby on Rails, sprinkles of Javascript with Stimulus JS and interactive UI with React


    • Ruby on Rails
    • Ruby
    • Postgresql
    • REST API
    • GraphQL : (learning)

    • React
    • Javascript : ES6
    • Stimulus JS
    • Styled components / JSS
    • Webpack : Babel & the gang
    • Tests : Chai, Mocha, Karma & the gang (example)
    • Storybook : (example)

    I like to share knowledge, I sometimes write about interesting discovery or open source projects. I mostly post on dev.to

    • Critical CSS with Rails and Webpacker - SprocketsLess Part 1 : (👉 dev.to)
    • Rails 6.0.0 beta1 released : (👉 dev.to)
    • Step by Step guide to test Rails ActiveText : (👉 dev.to)
    • Introducing Stimulus-Flatpickr wrapper 📅 : (👉 dev.to)
    Open Source Contributions

    To practice my skills and test some technology, I publish some open source projects. Recently most of my activities were around the latest Front-end framework from basecamp Stimulus JS a great addition to Rails Projects.

    • stimulus-flatpickr : A modest, yet powerful wrapper of Flatpickr 📆 for Stimulus (github.com)
    • todomvc_rails_on_stimulus : This is a modest attempt to create a TodoMVC with Rails, Turbolinks and boost it a bit with Stimulus. (github.com)
    The Geeeeek side of the force...

    While simple, this portfolio website is built using some of the latest front-end technologies such as:

    • 🚀
      Gatsby JS : Blazing fast modern site generator for React. (www.gatsbyjs.org)
    • 💅
      Material UI : React Material UI components & JSS (material-ui.com)
    • 📓
      Storybook : Main components are documented in a Storybook (check it out)
    • 🎉
      Airtable - GraphQL : all content are fetch using GraphQL queries at build time from Airtable (discover the content management)
    • 💯
      Fast : This site scores between 98 to 100 on Google page speed